The Harbour City

The first stop on many Australian itineraries, and for good reason. It’s an inviting blend of the exhilarating and easygoing.

A coastal metropolis whose 5 million residents make it the largest city in Australia.

No postcards or tourist advertisement for Sydney is without the iconic Sydney Opera House. Listed as one of the best 20th-century landmarks of all time. It is the most recognizable modern building in the entire world. An essential stop when visiting Sydney.

Darling Harbour is an extensive area almost completely dedicated to entertainment and tourism. For many decades acting as the core of the working port of Sydney, Darling Harbour was developed for the Australian Bicentenary in 1988. Its has the National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife World, and a Madame Tussaud’s museum. It is home to Sydney’s largest exhibitions and conferences.

You can find a lot of excitement in the city, but if you drive a few kilometers you’ll hit the golden sand of famous beaches like Bondi and Manly beach.

The name ”Bondi” comes from the Aboriginal word that means ”water breaking over rocks”. But when you check with the Australian Museum, you’ll find out another reference for that word ”Bondi”. For them, it corresponds to the place where a fight using ”boondi” sticks took place. ”Boondi” here simply means fighting sticks.

The Southern end of Bondi Beach is the most dangerous because it is the most exposed to the Pacific Ocean. The impressive waves are a magnet for surfers, but swimmers should stay between the ‘lifeguards’ flags to dodge the dangerous rip tides that have made Bondi Rescue such a popular Aussie TV show.

The ferry ride to Manly offers sweeping views of the harbor, the bridge, and the world-famous Opera house. It’s a picturesque 30-min ride each way that puts you in one of the coolest parts of the north end of the city.

Manly its famous for its wide beach, giant waves and kick-ass nightlife.

Just how many beaches are too manly for one suburb to have? Well, Manly has eight, which explains why water defines pretty much every aspect of life in this desirable suburb on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. People come here for surfing, sunshine, skateboarding, swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, hiking and beach volleyball.

Like the Opera House, Sydney’s second-most-loved construction inhabits the intersection of practicality and great beauty. The centerpiece of the city’s biggest celebrations, the Harbour Brigde is at its best on New Years’ Eve when it erupts in pyrotechnics and the image is beamed into lounge rooms all over the world and I feel lucky to have witnessed it myself.

The Rocks is the oldest part of Sydney. With its narrow lanes, fine colonial buildings, sandstone churches, and Australia’s oldest pubs, this neighborhood is where Sydney started when the British first landed.

Whether you’re after natural beauty, glorious culture or rip-roaring good times, Sydney’s bursting with experiences to suit every taste. If you are thinking about a dreamy aussie trip, here is everything you should know before your head off Down Under.

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