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5 Best Cenotes in Mexico

Mexico’s lush jungle is home to some of the best treasures in the world like the mysterious and alluring underground sinkholes called cenotes.

Cenotes are hands down the Riviera Maya’s most famous natural attraction and it’s not hard to understand why, these gorgeous natural sinkholes are breathtakingly beautiful!

1.- Cenote Tak Be Ha.

A hidden gem in the Tulum jungle, the Tak Be Ha cenote is not well known by outsiders. Perfect to spend the entire afternoon snorkeling and swimming in its deep blue cave waters and enjoy the quiet crowd-less atmosphere.

2.- Cenote Calavera.

Its name translates as the ‘Skull’ Cenote in reference to the three sinkholes, resembling two eyes and a mouth, which open over the cenote. Despite its close proximity to Tulum, Cenote Calavera remains relatively quiet and is one of Tulum’s hidden gems.

3.- Cenote Cristalino.

This cenote is an open air cenote and home to some of the most beautiful crystal clear blue waters in Mexico.

4.- Cenote Suytun.

One of the most impressive vaults that you can see in a closed cenote, with a perfect round underground cave and a walkway situated right in the middle of it, the Suytun cenote is both mystical and picturesque. being an authentic post card in the Yucatan road.

5.- Cenote Ik Kil.

Embellished with esthetically pleasing hanging vines and tree roots that dangle all the way from the top of the cave and down to the water below like a curtain is a pure work of art. Apart from this, the walls of this almost perfectly circular cenote are sheathed in deep green vegetation that only continues to add to its dramatic appearance.


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