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10 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Sugar

The dangers of consuming the world’s most addictive substance.

Everyone wants to look good and feel healthy, but at what cost?

As children we used to laugh about a saying, you are what you eat, but as I have grown older I’ve realised that there have not been truer words spoken concerning health and wellbeing.

The word diet comes from the Greek root word, diaita, which means to live one’s life, and also from the Latin root word, diaeta, meaning a manner of living. Your diet is the root of your energy and a huge influence on the overall quality of your life.

So, why do we need to limit the intake of processed carbohydrates?

Processed carbohydrates, also known as simple or refined carbs, are just sugars and grains which have been stripped of all bran, fibre and nutrients. Everyday food items in this category…

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