The Sunniest Island In Croatia

Frequently hailed as the “new St-Tropez”, Hvar island is clearly one of Croatia’s top islands.

Beautiful, crystal-clear blue sea, big green hills, clean air and lots of old stone, Hvar Town may be the most stunning town on the island.

Everyone wants a piece of the action in the sunniest and most happening of the Adriatic islands. Outside of Dubrovnik, Hvar is the epicentre of the Dalmatian travel industry.

Frequently hailed as the “new St-Tropez”, Hvar island is clearly one of Croatia’s top islands. The renovated Venetian townhouses on winding little streets serve as a backdrop to the wildest nightlife on the Adriatic.

This is the place for in-the-know locals up for daytime partying and après-beach relaxing, Hula Hula. The spot is a short walk round the coast from the Hotel Amfora on a reasonably isolated jut of coastland called Majerovića.

The closest major airport to Hvar is Split which can be easily reached by a direct flight from many cities across Europe. 

June and early July are the best months for touring the island and seeing the lavender fields in full bloom.

One of the most picturesque and popular beaches on Hvar Island, Dubovica is about 8km east of Hvar Town. 

The beach is in a magical, secluded bay with a large pebble beach, surrounded by pine trees and olive groves. Under the blue skies, the stunning Adriatic sea shimmers, inviting you in for a swim almost immediately.

Whether its hiring your own boat, or joining a day tour from Hvar, visiting the Pakleni islands is one of the best day trips from Hvar.

The crystal-clear waters, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons of the Pakleni Islands (Pakleni otoci), a gorgeous chain of wooded isles that stretches out immediately in front of the town. Although the name is often translated as ‘Hell’s Islands’, it’s thought to derive from paklina, a pine resin that was once harvested here to waterproof boats.

During the season (May to September) it can be very busy, especially during August when large numbers of Italians visit. Hvar was relatively cheap, without an extensive tourist infrastructure, and it attracted a lot of young people. However, this is changing as large five-star hotels are being built and the standard of living in Croatia is rising.

The Town Square in Hvar is among the most beautiful and the largest in Croatia. The square measures 4500 m², and the town has developed around this square, starting north of the square in the 13th century and then circling to the south of the square in the 15th century.

Hvar Town, Stari Grad and Jelsa are connected to Split by ferry. There is also one daily ferry connection between Hvar Town and Bol (Brac), a perfect way to travel between both islands spending a day on each Island.

There’s no doubt this place is worth visiting!

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