Have a Better Workout by:

You can get the most out of your workouts by prioritizing fuel, rest, water, good vibes and daily stretching.


You can get the most out of your workouts by prioritizing fuel, rest, water, good vibes and daily stretching:

Eating carbs

Carbohydrates (carbs) are the body’s preferred fuel source. Consuming carbs before a workout will help you feel more energized to do it and get through it. Consuming carbs with your meal or snack after the workout will transport protein to the muscle, which helps them grow.

Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated helps maintain blood pressure during exercise so your heart doesn’t work harder to maintain normal blood pressure. Hydrated muscles also outperform dehydrated muscles, as staying hydrated improves blood flow and circulation and thus the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to working muscles. Good hydration is known to remove metabolic by-products and waste from muscles, while replacing the water that is lost through sweat.

Pumping the music

Good beats send good vibes and will get you excited to move your body! When feeling unmotivated, an upbeat song may be the thing that gets you started or keeps you going when you’re ready to quit before the workout is done.

Getting enough sleep

Aim for 6-8 hours of sleep per night. All the work you’re doing to build muscle doesn’t happen during the workout, it happens overnight, when your body is in the recovery phase.

Daily Stretching

The takeaway. Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned athlete, you can benefit from a regular stretching routine. By incorporating 5 to 10 minutes of dynamic and static stretches into your daily workout, you can increase your range of motion, improve your posture, and ease your mind.

Making any changes in your life can be stressful, but you need to look at what the positives of the change will bring and I’m sure they far outweigh the negatives. Don’t give up on yourself, you are worth living a healthy, positive, and fulfilling life.

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