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Iberian ham is one of the greatest treasures of Spanish gastronomy and one of the most appreciated gourmet products inside and outside the borders.

Treasure of gastronomy, because each piece of Jamón Ibérico is unique: the pinnacle of the confluence between the best raw material of pure breed and raised in the best acorn pastures, and natural curing in Guijuelo.

We are talking about a basic raw material that is not easy at all, since the pieces do not have a regular shape and their composition in terms of fat, water and salt will be quite variable throughout the production stages, which must be very guarded at all times. Strictly controlled handling is necessary, which will allow us to obtain a unique product with very particular characteristics.

Time is an ally only if you know how to wait: two years of life in freedom in the pastures, with two montaneras to guarantee the double contribution of acorn and its healthy nutritional properties, and, later, a minimum of 48 months of curing in Guijuelo, in natural dryers, in the cold and dry wind of the Béjar and Gredos mountains.

This means that a 100% Acorn-fed Iberian Ham is produced unique in the world and with exceptional characteristics, an authentic Jewel of Gastronomy.

Every day is different, a real challenge, and only the in-depth knowledge of more than one hundred years of experience that a family that loves their work treasures can guarantee that the 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham that arrives at your table is unique among Iberians: the essence of a pure, balanced and complete flavor. Unforgettable.


• Bright and uniform, with excellent fat coverage.
• Intense red slices speckled by thyroxine, the amino acid that crystallizes as a reflection of excellent healing.


• Juicy texture, very pleasant on the palate.
• Tender and at the same time firm: it preserves its structure when chewed.


• Powerful, pleasant, specific, attractive aromas.
• They remain for a long time, very frank and clear. In the background, it presents very sincere notes of fresh nuts.


• Fine, personal, balanced, tasty. It is an elegant ham that permeates its fundamental flavors already in the mouth.
• Its excellent balance in salinity reveals adequate, light and clear sweet notes, which precisely qualify the characteristic bitterness points.

Benefits of Iberian ham and its contribution to the Mediterranean diet:

Iberian ham is one of the greatest treasures of Spanish gastronomy and one of the most appreciated gourmet products inside and outside our borders. Its presence is unmatched: fine cane, pata negra, red lean, highlights the infiltrated fat and the very juicy fat. Its high levels of oleic acid provided by the acorn ensure its tenderness and palatability; but in addition, they give it properties that position it as one of the healthiest foods in the Mediterranean diet and a heart-healthy product.

Acorn-fed Iberian ham is a source of protein and contains a high level of oleic acid, so its moderate consumption provides great health benefits.

Both the characteristics of the Iberian breed, as well as the natural diet based on acorns during the montanera season; they give acorn-fed Iberian ham unique and exclusive properties. And it is precisely these qualities that enrich it as a heart-healthy food.

This amazing product that comes from Iberian pigs, which are raised exclusively in the pastures of Spain and Portugal; Thanks to the fact that these countries meet exceptional weather and orographic conditions to produce and enhance all the properties of Iberian ham.

Iberian ham provides us with group B vitamins; vitamin B1, B2, B6 and B12, in addition to vitamin E. In terms of minerals, calcium, iron and zinc stand out. 100 grams of acorn-fed Iberian ham provide 20% of the iron that a woman should consume daily (between 3 and 4 mg per 100 grams of ham). It also provides significant amounts of magnesium and selenium favorable to the anti-aging process.

~ Lack of vitamins of this type can cause health problems derived from tiredness, heaviness, poor appetite and decreased protection of the immune system.

If at this point you are still not convinced enough, here are some benefits that consuming Iberian ham daily, in addition to being a pleasure, is highly healthy:

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases: As we have seen previously, the high content of oleic acid and natural tocopherols provided by the acorn help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, since they contribute to reduce the levels of LDL (bad cholesterol) and improve the level of HDL (cholesterol well).

Reduction of fatigue in athletes: The moderate consumption of acorn-fed Iberian ham offers a great protein intake, with a balanced lipid profile and moderate in calories. Consuming 100 grams of product provides 34 grams of protein, making it a perfect food to gain muscle mass and a perfect substitute for other less healthy red meats.

Prevention of anemia: Iberian ham has a high iron content, ideal for providing your body with this trace element vital to our health.

Reduction of anxiety and stress: Thanks to its high levels of tryptophan (serotonin precursor amino acid), Iberian ham acts as a natural antidepressant. Its consumption helps combat stress and reduce anxiety with a beneficial effect on our mood.

Ideas to introduce Iberian ham into your diet:

A balanced diet to achieve complete and healthy nutrition is not incompatible with the pleasure of the exquisite aroma and flavor of gourmet products. The best thing about Iberian ham is that it is perfect to consume it at any time and with any proposal. Few foods are so complete and offer such ease of consumption to include in a healthy and balanced diet as Iberian ham.

• Complete and nutritious breakfasts with Iberian ham

Starting the day with a complete and nutritious breakfast seasoned with the best taste of pure Iberico is a sensory pleasure for all the senses.

The traditional toast with ham and olive oil is the easiest and fastest way to prepare a complete healthy breakfast. Thanks to its beneficial effect on our mood (high levels of tryptophan), this classic and delicious proposal will provide our body with all the physical and mental energy it needs to face the day.

• How to combine ham with vegetables and healthy dishes

Iberian ham contains a high nutritional value and is easy to digest, making it the ideal flavor to pair with a light and healthy dinner.

Combining some slices of ham with vegetables offers the possibility of reinventing the essence of healthy dishes in the purest gourmet style. From the traditional pouche egg with potato with Iberian ham, asparagus with ham, an artichoke confit with ham or a cold melon soup with Iberian ham for summer dinners; You will find a multitude of options to surrender to the taste of the best iberian ham. Your healthy dinners have never tasted so exquisite!

• Dishes and ideas with Iberian ham to share in meetings with friends

There is no celebration or event worth its salt where the pure flavor of the best acorn-fed Iberian ham is lacking. As an indispensable guest of our best moments, you can become the best host if you propose simple dishes, and sometimes with original and creative touches, with Iberian ham to share in meetings with friends.

An exquisite suggestion and guaranteed success are the Iberian ham toasts with tomato, with or without quail egg, very easy to prepare and with a flavor that will surprise your most gourmet guests.

The 100% Iberian acorn-fed ham Torrencinas made exclusively in Guijuelo, is a source of protein and contains a high level of oleic acid, which makes it a heart-healthy product with a beneficial effect on cholesterol and blood pressure. A delicacy typical of the Mediterranean diet and food that you will not be able to resist.

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