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This is the most typical dish of each of The 17 autonomous communities in Spain

If Spain can boast about anything to the rest of the world, it is its exquisite cuisine. There are all kinds of dishes throughout the country with the most varied ingredients and with a common denominator: its rich flavor. No matter the place you visit, you always end up finding good food.

Gastronomy in Spain is also a cultural symbol and a tourist attraction, which seduces many visitors eager to try some of the most typical dishes. And there is a lot to choose from. Depending on the autonomous community in which we are, we can enjoy different delicacies.

In this gallery we make a trip around Spain to get to know the most popular dish of each autonomous community. If you visit any of them, don’t miss out on trying their delicious cuisine.

Andalusia: Gazpacho

Although it is consumed throughout Spain, especially in the summer months, gazpacho is the most representative dish of the rich and varied Andalusian cuisine. It is a cold soup of olive oil, vinegar, water, bread and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onion and garlic.

Aragon: Ternasco de Aragón

Roasted, stewed with chilindrón, in sirloin, stuffed or accompanied by patatas a lo pobre “poor potatoes” are some of the many ways in which the Aragonese lamb is usually prepared, which is the name given to young lamb in this community.

Asturias: Fabada

Fabada is indisputably the most famous dish in Asturias. To prepare it, the beans are simmered for an hour and a half. Bacon, chorizo, ham or “morcilla” sausage are usually added.

Balearic Islands: Ensaimada

There are several typical sweets in the Balearic Islands, although none as famous as the ensaimada. It is a fermented and baked dough made with strong flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard.

Canary Islands: wrinkled potatoes

The best-known dish in the Canary Islands is the wrinkled potatoes, which of course, they are accompanied by mojo picón, the most famous sauce in the fortunate islands.

Cantabria: Mountain stew

Within the rich Cantabrian gastronomy, you should not miss trying the typical mountain stew, which is made with white beans and various ingredients such as blood sausage, bacon or chorizo.

Castilla-La Mancha: Pisto

Whether hot or cold, pisto is a delight and the best-known dish in Castilla-La Mancha. It is made with tomato and peppers and various vegetables are added. It is also usually accompanied by a fried egg.

Castilla y León: Roasted pig

Several hearty and tasty dishes are typical of Castilla y León, highlighting the roast suckling pig, which is spread with lard and can be prepared alone or accompanied by potatoes. Its suckling lamb is also very famous.

Catalonia: Calçots

You shouldn’t leave Catalonia without trying delicious calçots accompanied, of course, by the romesco sauce. It is very important to eat them with your hands.

Extremadura: Migas

Although there are different varieties in other parts of Spain, the most famous migas are the ones from Extremadura. They are made from sliced bread moistened in salted water and bacon or various vegetables are added. Sometimes a fried egg is also put on top.

Galicia: Galician Octopus

Several recipes compete to be the best known in Galicia, one of them being the Galician octopus. It is prepared by cooking the animal and then cutting it into slices on a board to add the oil, salt and paprika. Sometimes it is accompanied by potatoes.

Community of Madrid: Madrilenian Stew

As its name suggests, Madrid stew is the most representative dish of Madrid. Its main ingredient is chickpeas and it also contains different vegetables and meats. There are those who drink it by separating the broth from the rest of the stew or who prefer to mix it all together.

Region of Murcia: Zarangollo

The zarangollo is usually served as an appetizer and its two main ingredients are two classic products from the Murcian garden, such as courgette and onion, as well as the egg for the scrambled egg. Some people also add potato.

One of the most traditional Navarrese dishes is stuffed peppers, which are made with a typical variety of the region: piquillo peppers. They are normally filled with a dough made from bechamel sauce and cod.

La Rioja: Potatoes Rioja Style

Although it is eaten throughout the country, Rioja-style potatoes are the best-known dish in this region. It is basically made with three ingredients: potatoes, chorizo and paprika. Sometimes it also has peppers and onions.

Valencian Community: Paella

If there is a Spanish dish known throughout the world, it is paella and, although it is consumed throughout the country, its origin is in the Valencian Community. Obviously, rice is always present, but there are different varieties depending on the ingredients it contains: seafood, chicken, rabbit…

Basque Country: Cod al pil Pil

The undisputed king of Basque cuisine is cod pil pil, for which, in addition to fish, you need olive oil, garlic and chilli.

Above all else, Spaniards have declared their national gastronomic treasure to be none other than the world- famous, jamón de bellota ibérico. Be sure to try this delicious, yet healthy, treat in any part of Spain.

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