About me

I’m just another being enjoying and discovering around.

I was only 14 when I left the beautiful green land, Brazil, to get on board many new adventures. It was only then that I realised how blessed I was to have left and started life again in a completely different continent.

My biggest passion is travel, it’s not enough for me to hear about an exotic, exciting or chaotic destination or just see pictures of them. There is an itch in me that makes me want to see and experience it all first-hand.

I’m always exploring different places, even if it’s in my own town. My goal is to visit the most remote places in the world aka everywhere.

I enjoy hiking in dangerous places, I love going to the saunas, I love to photograph people, I get lost in theme parks, I adore having staycations at beach resorts and hotels. In addition, I also visit themed cafes, restaurants, shops and make some product reviews.

I consider myself a free spirit with no home, always open to new adventures, to help others and contribute to a good cause.

I’m a big fan to go out and see things, do things and experience something I wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to!