The city of three cultures

Córdoba, in the following centuries continued to forge itself as one of the most beautiful in all of Andalusia, but it would never achieve the splendor that it had during the Muslim era.

Sailing in the Mediterranean Sea

This sailing trip is for those who would like to discover the unique culture of Malta, the baroque of Sicily, the beautiful waters of Formentera, the picture-perfect Port of Denia, experiencing the sweet and disorienting feeling of arriving in another country by sailboat, after trying out night navigation and watch keeping for the first time. There’s another life at sea!

Ibiza, The Magic Island

Although Ibiza has long been synonymous with fun in the sun hedonism, a trip to the island is not all about sultry clubs and all-night raves – away from the bright lights there’s a quieter side to the so-called ‘White Isle’.

Old City of Salamanca

To talk of culture is to talk of Salamanca. Taking a walk through the streets of its historical centre, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, means taking a walk through centuries of history, art and knowledge and experiencing the wonder of landmarks such as its famous University, one of the oldest in Europe, and which today continues to attract thousands of students.

Minorca, Balearic Islands

Menorca is a small piece of paradise within the western Mediterranean, a pearl bathed by calm seas and sheltered by a gentle climate. An unending range of colours melt into each other: blue skies, turquoise seas, dark green woods, brown rocks and white beaches.

Cadaquès, Costa Brava

It’s not difficult to understand why Cadaques has had such a deep, inspirational impact on Dalí, Picasso, Einstein, Lorca, Thoms Mann, Man Ray and countless others.

Amsterdam Netherlands dancing houses over river Amstel landmark in old european city spring landscape.

The City Of Canals

The only old city in the world where the medieval center is not a museum but a Red Light District.

The Greek Island of Santorini

A popular holiday destination in Greece, and part of the Cycladic island group in the Aegean Sea. It is best known for its picturesque clifftop tourist towns (Fira, Oia, and Imerovigli), all of which offer spectacular views over the caldera: the crater created after a 16th-century BC volcanic eruption. With a land area of 76 square kilometers, Santorini is a little bigger than New York’s island of Manhattan.

The City Of Love

One of the top three most visited cities in Europe and one of the few cities in the world that truly lives up to its hype.

Geneva, Switzerland

A cosmopolitan and international city in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, close to the French border. Known worldwide for its wealth, it is one of the 5 richest cities in the world.

Provence, France

A place where the Mediterranean weather turns fields of corn and lavender into picture-perfect backdrops, where you can sip your locally bought wine and enjoy the landscapes.